colourmemeMerlin/Arthur + pastels & pales. (suggested by anon)


things we need more of in media

  • female gaze
  • female gays

thank you for your time


Lately there has been so much DC hate on my dash (pretty much always in comparison to Marvel). While, like all entertainment, DC isn’t perfect, there are a lot of great things about it! So this is a network to appreciate DC (and definitely talk 

  • mbf wonder woman and harley quinn
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  • fill out this fab survey here
  • this has to reach 30 notes or we can all pretend this never happened
  • around 10-15 members will be added
  • blogs with at least some dc
  • all around cool kid who is nice and stuff
  • have your askbox open & track #dcnetwork for updates
  • friends!!!! followers!!! awesome people all around~
  • people to reblog selfies, do promos, be cute with
  • a place to talk about dc and 
send us an ask if you have any questions. good luck cuties!! we’ll chose when this gets a decent amount of notes~

It’s your turn to be the hero.


Hemsworth and Evans being silly at SDCC